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University - New challenge or new fear

I am starting at University next week.  To be honest, I am petrified.  It’s uncharted territory for me.  I studied until I was 18, so study isn’t new, but this is a high level degree course, I’m petrified to fail.  Although, I have been told that I won’t.  However, I did get to thinking … how is the University experience for everyone else?  Is it one that you enjoy or is it one that you dread daily?  I for one am looking forward to it and, if anything, am just nervous, since I won’t know the aspects of the course, but who does?  Admittedly, we are talking about some major aspects that I have never touched, but I can learn, and I love media so it will be very enjoyable.  But what would you say your thoughts about University are?

Defaming 9/11

What a topic to open on - September 11th.  9/11.  The terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers.  Why do I chose to open on this?  Simple.

Earlier today, I watched a video of the Qu’ran / Koran being burned by a guy in a mask.  It sickened me that a) YouTube allowed this video to be broadcast and b) people like him think that burning sacred texts is acceptable.  It is not acceptable in any religion, no exceptions.  I think that September 11th should be reserved in remembrance of those who died in the attack.  It was a cowardly, shameful attack and one that shook the world.

And all of these videos of the Qu’ran / Koran being burned are thanks to one man - Pastor Terry Jones.  His idiocy alone caused the flood of videos to be uploaded to YouTube.  However, this particular one was very disturbing.  Not only was the Qu’ran / Koran set alight, the guy in the video urinated on the burning book.  Insult to injury springs to mind.  Pastor Jones’ protest was due to the building of a mosque two blocks away from Ground Zero.  Two blocks. What harm can that cause?  None at all.

However, Michael Moore seems to think the mosque should be built on Ground Zero.  I can’t agree with that.  His arguments for are very good, I do have to admit that, but, in my opinion, Ground Zero should remain a memorial site, accessible by all who pass through, and used in remembrance of the events on that horrific day.  Building a mosque or a church or a temple or a department store or a fast food restaurant would deface the value of the site and render the memories of all those who perished null and void.  We can’t let that happen, not in this day in age.  The people who had their lives wrenched from them at a premature age do not deserve this.  Building a mosque near the site, yes.  Building anything near the site, yes.  Building it on the site, no.  I don’t agree with that for a second.

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